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Picked my shows for spring 2018

Every season Im faced with the difficult decision to decide what shows to enter. 

As a novice it was easy. You just did the local shows and that was it. 

But ever since I decided to gobafter the pro card (2012) I had to pick the shows based on a mix of location and economy. 

At least as an amateur there where a lot of shows I could do in Europe and the middle east. Now they are very limited. 

Basicly I almost always have to travel for many hours and spend a week away from home. 

I love travelling its the best part of this sport but it also takes a toll on you. Especially on diet. Im a creature of habits and I like to train in my gym and have my daily routines. 

Any way. Its a part of the game and being a pro I have to act and conduct my self as such. 

After last years competitions my wife and I decide to try to get a baby and we where more or less counting on that it would take a while. We never tried before so the expectatiins where not super big. 

So with that in mind my plan was more or less to start the offseason prep after that and then compete this summer or autumn depending on how things went. 

Well.... We began to try (the fun part) and we more or less managed to make a baby on the first try. =) 

So now having a baby on the way I had to take that in my considerations when picking shows. The baby girls is due in May so I dont want to compete aroumd that time and during the summer. 

Instead I decided to do a few spring shows and with my invitation to the 30th anniversary Arnold Classic Ohio, the first show was set. 

I like to compete so I always try to do a few shows every time Im in prep. If I lived in US I would probably compete even more. 

Arnold Classic is the 3rd of March so what I like to do is to have a 2-3 weeks between each show. But since the shows are limites you have to some what adjust a litle accordingly to the schedule.

2nd show I will do is the New Zealand Pro the 24th of March and being in the area I'm doing the Fiji Pro the week after also as my 3rd show. 

The 4th and last show for this season, before I had home to Sweden and the birth of our baby will be a European show actually. 

The Ireland Pro in Limerick. 14th of April. 

My good friend and team mate Darren will do that show as well as the New Zealand one so I will habe some great company. And since Darrens family lives in Limerick I will be staying there with the =) 

I would like to thank my sponsors for making all this travelling possible. 



Ironrebel Europe

Anis Binous 

Stay blessed//

Samir Troudi 

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