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High reps back workout and cravings

As always I started my day at 7.30 with my first client then 1 hour on the stairmaster followed by abs and streching.

Also found my beautiful wife with her client in the gym đŸ˜Šâ€

Lowered my carbs a litle today so breakfast was smaller than normal. Not by alot but still smaller. All in all my carb intake today has been 270 grams. Protein around 330 grams and fats around 30g.

Had crazy cravings after the back workout so almost lost the battle today. Had most of my carbs post workout so the evening was carb free. Any way I managed to turn a day that almost got ruined to a really good day.

I even did an extra 20 min cardio now after my last client.

So total cardio today: 1h stairmaster & 50 minutes bike.

Any way - back to the back workout.

Today we did all high reps wich meant 20-25 reps.

Started with 2 different gripped free weight rows. Basicly doing 10-15 reps + 10 forced reps. (video)

Other exercises done today was

  • Lateral pulldowns

  • Free weight pulldowns (video)

  • Cable rope rows (video)

  • Straight arm pulldowns

  • Reversed grip free weight pulldowns Supersets (video)

  • Hammer free weight rows

  • Lower back in machine

High reps back workout

Good workout. Was pretty tired and exhausted but managed to get som good blood flow and a great pump.

I always get very tired and exhausted around 4 weeks out. Wich I guess is a good sign.

Im blessed and very fortunate to be living where I live and to be able to controll my working hours pretty much like I want. No I work around 5 hours every day and train around 3,5 - 4 hours.

I get enough sleep and I feel good.

I only have client in the morning now and then I have all other clients after Im done with my training.

Two of todays three outfits 😊

This week we will start to film a road to the arnold series with Iron Rebel. So if tou guys want me to talk about something special let me know. It will not be a training video but more about my life.

Stay blessed


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