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When everybody else starts V-logging I'll start Blogging

It seems like every other social media celebrity today is V-logging. Since I suck at editing and I dont have my own film crew I'll just stick to the basic blogging.

This is my first blogg post in probably five years. I used to blogg alot before. The matter of fact I probably was one of the first "Influencers" in Sweden =)

Jokes aside. I started blogging already 2005 but when Facebook and Instagram found their way to the fitness industry I kind of just switched over more to that and leaving the writing to the side.

Well now I guess there is a growing interest again for getting to know the athletes behind the Instagram accounts and people are actually starting to get sick of the "Influencers" repeating them selves with the same content day after day. (Kind of like I do as well)

Im hereby welcoming you all to share my story, my life, my thoughts, my struggles and my joys.

Welcome to the world of the Troudis

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