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Massage, legs and new clients.

Today I started my day as I always do.

First client in the gym 7.30-8.30. After that Cardio, abs and streching.

Today I did 1 hour on the stairmaster wich is the most I ever have done. Pulse around 130-135 bpm.

After cardio and abs I had my breakfast and then went to get a 90 minute deep tissue massage. I try to go once a week to help recovery and stay flexible.

The place I go to has a special bed with steel bars so the tiny philipino lady can walk on me and massage me with her feet. I call it the "death bed"

Headed back home, had a small pre workout meal and then it was basicly time to hit legs.

Every other session we hit legs we start with quads and every other with hamstrings. Today we started with hamstring.

Great workout. Was dead allready after the first exercise but pushed through the whole session.

We did total 11 exercises for hamstrings, quads, glutes and calves.

Then another 30 min of cardio. This time on the bike though.

So around 5pm Im done with all my training and my next client was at 6pm. Enough time to rest and eat a litle bit.

Started back with an old client again today. Gonna prepare him for a coming show this spring. Great guy with great potential.

At the moment when Im writing this post its 7.30pm here in Dubai and Im eating one of my meals. Chicken with sweet potatoes and an ice cold NOCCO Tropical.

I have one client at 8pm and then I'm starting with a new guy at 9pm.

Good day so far.

Stay blessed.

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